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Although not a hike as such, just a gentle walk in fact, we thoroughly recommend a visit in mid-April to one of Holland's top tourist attractions... A Mecca for florists, gardeners and photographers the world over. KEUKENHOF has to be seen to be believed under a perfectly blue April sky. Time it right for the Annual Flower Parade and you have a perfect Spring break! You could combine this with an Amsterdam city break

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 The five pavilions, each with a different floral or art display, and a restaurant or tea house; seven and a half million bulbs on display! A boat ride around the nearby bulbfields; the windmill and carillon; an audio guide tour, the bulb shop and advice centre; and a wonderful opportunity for photography!

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Part one ~ Keukenhof Gardens
Claimed to be the most beautiful spring garden in the world. Open for just two months with 850,000 visitors every year it is the showcase for the growers in the centre of the Bollenstreek, the amazing bulb-growing region of Holland. Keukenhof is situated near the coast, not far from Amsterdam. On display in the imaginative flowerbeds and inside its pavilions are seven and a half million tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other varieties... unbelievable! 

This exquisite colourful film shot in the April sunshine, includes exclusive interviews with the park's designer Jasper van der Zon, Keukenhof guide Patricia Jelgerhuis and gardener Owen Carroll... They all give an insight into the history, behind the scenes and the 60-year success story of Keukenhof. We host a tour along the multicoloured walkways, and inside the five different pavilions containing individual displays such as orchids, gifts and fashion. Each is named after the Dutch Royal Family.


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Part two ~ The Flower Parade
Known all over Holland as the Bloemencorso, this incredibly imaginative and colourful annual procession takes place in the bulb growing region. This amazing display of around 20 flower-decked floats, and a whole range of vehicles, travel 40Km through the crowded streets between Noordwijk and Haarlem.


The DVD includes a visit before the event, to the hall in Sassenheim where the floats are franticly being made from thousands upon thousands of flowers. With the help of volunteer Roos Bol, Debra tries to identify the theme of each amazing display before the procession leaves to begin its entertaining journey through the countryside.


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Bloomencorso Bollenstreek The Flower Parade official website. Be warned, the streets can be packed with onlookers!

There are few hotels close to the gardens, we suggest looking for hotels in nearby Noordwijk or Katwijk:
You will probably stay in Amsterdam if you decide to visit on a day trip in a coach.

The amazing gardens can be quite cold in the spring, and the shelter of the five different pavilions, each with a superb display, can be almost as breathtaking, if a little crowded. It will take you well over a day to see everything... 2 or 3 days is more like it!

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