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Once both widowed, Debra and David Rixon met in 1997 and soon found a pastime they could share together... walking.
David proposed to Debra whilst visiting Grindelwald on a walking holiday in Switzerland, hence their company name. In the following year they were married, and within a month began their first walking film together "Along the Ridgeway", where they recorded an entertaining  journey along England's oldest green road. Shown many times on Six-TV Oxford the couple soon produced many more travel and documentary films culminating in the very successful "Footloose in Europe" series. This set of 22 programmes has been distributed for broadcast in five countries. Viewings continue to flourish as new travel enthusiasts find inspiration in Debra and David's first-class choice of footpaths, motoring & rail tours, and city trails on PRIME VIDEO, and due to changes at Amazon in 2021 there's more at
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""We are not only a mature married couple but are producers of an entertaining TV and DVD series "Footloose in Europe". Naturally we want to sell you a DVD but we are genuinely interested in promoting the best way to discover and enjoy a country's most beautiful places, and that is of course to walk the trails, pathways and streets. We are healthy, but by no means super-fit and we want to share our experiences. Organised trails might be off-putting to some, for fear of keeping up with fellow walkers on a long hike and not having the right gear. For us walking is all about enjoyment, and not how many gruelling miles you put in each day. Our friends have dubbed us EasyJetsetters, although we have no wish to share our experiences on low-cost airlines here! Many of our travelogue films contain a city trail, combined with sensible scenic hikes. Our recent films contain touring and walking."  

  DEBRA RIXON   presenter/narrator/producer   DAVID RIXON   camera/editor/producer    
Debra’s easy presenting style and clear delivery comes from a varied personal and professional background. Working for main Board Directors  and then travelling regularly to International Agencies, she has always been comfortable dealing with people. David's background has always been a combination of entertainment and technical expertise; he played in a band when he was 16 and began his lifelong association with the entertainment business. He joined BBC Television in 1970 as a recording technician. This was at a time when actually understanding how the equipment worked was a vital requirement, and when television was in its heyday. 
In the seventies, she lived on the Continent, working in the Cold War diplomatic service in Bonn, the then capital of West Germany. In the year Saigon fell, she moved to the USA and spent ten years acclimatising to the frozen Midwest and the American psyche to the point where she is very comfortable with both. 

A warm and outgoing personality enables her to set interviewees instantly at their ease, and both young and old respond equally well to her friendly and sympathetic manner. She relates easily to people, having been an acute observer of human foibles and mannerisms from an early age. Her life experiences have given her a unique approach to interviewing – she actually listens, and interviewees visibly blossom under this kind of treatment.

Debra's Diary

Debra and David are a compact team, often afforded access frequently denied to larger outfits, which enables them to focus on the heart of the subject and gain in-depth shots and interviews. Their easy, engaging style crosses all generation gaps, and opens doors, leaving lasting good impressions when they complete a project. In their travel films a great deal of attention is paid to connecting with their audience and being totally in tune with their surroundings. Their extremely successful "Footloose" DVD films have been versioned into a twenty-two part television series for international broadcast... In 2008 they shot in Ireland, Tallinn, Dubrovnik and the Dordogne. More filming in 2009-11 saw Bavaria and Holland take shape for the series. In 2011 a four part "Footloose in London" mini-series was also released for television distribution. Each year more feature-length Footloose DVDs are added to their ever expanding collection.

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David has grown up in the BBC, and although steeped in its values and standards, managed to maintain a unique subversive sense of humour that enabled him to develop his own talents as a film-maker with other like-minded people within the confines of this venerable institution – to the point where his ‘Christmas Tapes’ are legend both within the BBC and the industry at large. 
 Dave Interviewed on BBC4 for Xmas 2018
David has worked as a tape and Avid editor at BBC Television Centre, London for 26 years. During his extremely varied career with many producers from different genres he has travelled the world with BBC Television, cutting features and highlights at major events like the Olympics. He is still involved with BBC tv today.

 Drawing on a total of 36 years of experience across different genres within the Corporation, David set up Grindelwald Productions with Debra in 1998 to make films that would fill a perceived gap in the entertainment industry – a return to basics and fundamental production values. His style always encompasses a subtle humour that strikes a chord with both young and old, and although the subject may be gentle, David’s professional skills bring an up-to-date look to traditional but sound broadcasting principles.



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