Choosing a Great Walking Trail or City Break in Europe                                
                                      Choosing a Trail      

Where do I start? 
City break or countryside? Mountains or coast? I guess this is where we come in... our selection of films may well influence your choice for a walking holiday, rail or motoring tour, or city break in Europe; at least we are sure they will be an inspiration. This selection of 25+ titles, containing many trails, should whet your appetite on our VIDEO JUKEBOX (FootlooseTV on YouTube).

Quite often cost is an important factor, with a do-it-yourself holiday, rather than a more expensive guided one, finding a low-cost airline matching your destination is important. Whilst choosing our filming locations our budget was a prime factor also, we are Easyjetsetters much of the time, but WizzAir is becoming popular. By investigating you might find one of these airlines goes to or from a very convenient UK airport for a European walking trail or city break...   For example you can travel with Flybe from Southampton to Berne in Switzerland for the Bernese Oberland. However, as you know, the various cut-price airline deals aren't always as good as they are advertised, once you have totalled all the baggage costs etc. Sites like Expedia tend to deal with the major airlines with all-inclusive prices. Try first.

 Probably the best UK budget flight search is...

 EUROPEAN LOW-COST AIRLINE DIRECTORY...shows an amazing choice 

  RAIL EUROPE might be handy too for long or short distances.


Time of year for places like Tallinn (Estonia) or the Alujarras (Nr Granada, Spain) is important: The chill winds off the Baltic, or the baking summer sun will spoil your enjoyment of a classic walking trail. 
Climate information is well documented on these sites...

                       A-Z climate             Country guides

Seek out the tourism website on the net, you should find other vital stuff from the tourism links at the bottom of our feature pages on the silver buttons.

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If you are planning a city break, this fabulous set of DVDs is just the thing to help you choose. 
Footloose in Europe ~ the Cities 4-Disc set. 
this super compilation of 4 discs contains 12 of our full length city trails: Budapest Prague Krakow Salzburg Venice Lucerne Barcelona Regensburg Dubrovnik Tallinn Amsterdam Dublin. 
Running time almost 9 hours

Available from Amazon.

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